how is a house an analogy for a plant cell

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Best Answer: Chromosomes are all made up differently just like kids The nucleus is the control center of a cell just like the principal of a school ER - A transport .
What is an analogy to a animal cell besides a city a house a car a plane or a factory?
Andre How can i describe a house using cell analogy including mitochondria ribosomes nucleus endoplasmic reticulum golgi apparatus protein cell membrane lysosomes .
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how is a house an analogy for a plant cell

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Plant cell analogy house. How to make a 3d plant cell model without food using things around the house? What normal house itemscan i use to make a plant cell model?
If you people think I am confusing analogy with acronym I'm NOT! I'm talking about a SCIENCE analogy. For example Mitochondria is how is a house an analogy for a plant cell like a power plant.
Biology Question: What Is An Analogy For Chromosomes In A Cell? A social security card would work because it holds valuable information which exemplifies the duty of .
Related reading What Does A Nucleolus Do? Transcribes and assembles ribosomal RNA What Is The Function Of The Nucleolus? The nucleus acts as the part of a cell which .
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